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        Location: Home ->SERVICE
        Customer Service Center provides 24-hour telephone information service
        Service commitment to the region within 24 hours door-to-door service.
        Customer Service Center in a straight line: 13530846089 (Mr He) 15915419800 (Mr Jiang)

        After-sales service agreement
        Party: buyer
        B: Shenzhen City Shengda Xin Automation Equipment Co.,Ltd (suppliers)
        Ordering equipment and the model name
        One. Delivery, installation
        1. B After-sales service staff should ensure that the goods in a timely manner in accordance with the time of delivery safely to the Party.
        2. Party should provide 1 to 2 staff in charge of contact.
        3. The two sides should staff contracts and shipping inventory list of equipment, materials and equipment is complete, damages, confirmed correct by
        Party members signed delivery note.
        4. B service personnel should be brought forward to the relevant Party to provide the necessary equipment to install gas, electricity and the emission specifications in order to Party A in the equipment to the former gas, electricity and exhaust systems are ready.
        5. Party A Party B to service personnel to provide accurate location of the equipment installed in order to position equipment.
        6. B service personnel can not be good at moving the factory Party of wiring with the way the trachea, the Party should make good use of staff and air power will receive the corresponding equipment on the terminal.
        二. Debugging equipment
        1. B service personnel in the commissioning of equipment should be prepared to inform the Party needed to debug the machine-related materials, such as: PCB,
        Solder paste, tin and so on.
        2. Party A Party B shall provide the specific services and reasonable requirements of process parameters such as temperature curve, the rate of non-performing. B service personnel in order to debug equipment targeted.
        三. Training equipment
        1. Training
        ① equipment as well as the practical day-to-day maintenance and repair methods.
        ② process parameters set, to master the process.
        ③ working principle of equipment, electrical, structural.
        2. Training objectives: to enable the Party to operate with independent technical personnel and equipment maintenance capability.
        3. And training: Party A Party B factories or plants (negotiations).
        4. Training time: Installation of equipment, training organizations that Party A Party B technical staff training.
        四. Acceptance
        Party in accordance with contract agreements or related technology to the type of equipment purchased to carry out inspection. Party goods to the factory after the Party of the reasons within 30 days of acceptance is not as automatic acceptance.
        五. Maintenance
        1. B provides 24-hour After-sales service, at any time, Party A Party B needs support, you can call 24 hours on sale
        After the service hotline :13530846089 (Mr He) 15915419800 (Mr Jiang)
        2. Warranty from the date of acceptance of qualified start.
        Following the scope of non-warranty
        ① customers do not operate correctly, causing damage.
        ② in the pre-B has not been permitted before the change or replacement of equipment.
        ③ the use of non-B certified by the supplier of replacement parts.
        ④ external force, fire, earthquake damage, such as accidents.
        3. Fault feedback received at the time, the Pearl River Delta region, 4 hours to repair Office Party.
        4. Warranty period, in line with the conditions of the warranty by the failure of the B free maintenance.
        5. After the warranty service: B can provide post-warranty services, post-warranty service charges to certain parts of the service fee plus the cost of component costs. Parts and price list of reference attached.
        6. Party A Party B on a regular basis to the Department for visits or telephone to find out the Party of equipment usage.

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