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        Lean production model has several key features?
        What is flexible

        it? Flexibility can be expressed as two. The first is the system to adapt to external environmental change, new products available system meets the requirements of the degree to measure; second aspect of Ji Tong ability to adapt to internal changes, can be used in that interference (such as machine appears Guzhang) case, then the system productivity and productivity in the context of non-interference ratio can be used to measure the expected value of flexibility. "Soft" is relative to the "rigid" is concerned, the traditional "rigid" Automation Product line mainly single-species achieve mass production. The advantage is the high productivity, because the equipment is fixed, so capacity utilization is also high, low-cost single product. But the price is quite expensive, and can only process one or more similar parts. If you want to get other varieties of products, you must be a major adjustment of its structure, every element to reconfigure the system, Qi workload and funding Touru and construct an 新 the Product line Wangwang par. Rigid high-volume manufacturing automation Product line only a few varieties suitable for the production of products, it is difficult to cope with more varieties of small batch production.
        Along with social progress and improved living standards, the market needs to have more features to meet individual customer requirements vastly different styles and features of products. Fierce market competition forced the traditional mass production methods change, the traditional components required to improve production processes. Traditional manufacturing systems can not meet the market and more demand for varieties of low-volume products, which makes the system flexible to the system's survival more important. With the mass production era is gradually adapt to market dynamics change Deshengchansuo replaced the viability of a manufacturing automation system and Jingzhengnengli 在 largely depends upon whether it can in a very short development cycle, producing lower Cheng Ben Chu higher quality of different varieties of products. Flexibility has played a very important position.
        Flexibility include:
        ● Flexible When asked to produce a series of machines of different types of products, product changes with the processing machinery in different parts of ease.
        ● Flexible process One constant process to adapt the product or its raw material change; second manufacturing system to adapt to changes in products or raw materials, ease of changing the corresponding process.
        ● products or product updates first, fully flexible shift, the system can be very economical and rapid production of new products; Second, product updates, features on old products useful to the inheritance ability and compatibility.
        ● use a variety of ways to maintain flexibility to deal with failure, to protect normal production capacity.
        ● Flexible production capacity to change when the production system has the ability to run the economy. For ordering and organizing production according to the manufacturing system, which is especially important.
        ● expansion of flexible production needs when the time can easily expand the system structure, increasing the module to form a larger system capacity.
        ● Flexible use of different running machines, materials, process the ability to produce a range of products and the same products, different processes for processing capacity.
        Flexible manufacturing system is a computer integrated management and control for high efficiency to create more varieties of small-volume automated manufacturing system components. It has:
        ● number of standard manufacturing unit, with automatic loading and unloading capabilities of CNC machine tools;
        ● a material storage transport system, the machine can be transported between the workpiece clamping station and tool;
        FMS is a set of programmable manufacturing system, with automated material handling equipment, can be achieved in the computer support information integration and logistics integration, it
        ● can be processed simultaneously with similar physical characteristics and processing of multiple parts;
        ● can automatically replace the tool and the workpiece;
        ● easy to access, easy integration in other systems;
        ● to dynamic scheduling, local failure, dynamically re-route logistics.
        FMS tend to present smaller-scale, low cost, evolved into a flexible manufacturing cell FMC, it may be only one processing center, but with independent automatic processing capacity. Some FMC with automatic transmission and the monitoring and management functions, some FMC also allows 24-hour unmanned operation. FMS for the equipment referred to as flexible equipment system.

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