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        The largest gas burners to achieve the most advanced production orders

        in the brutal competition for survival and development, enterprises must consider a number of low-cost and rapid response to manufacturing methods. Flexible Manufacturing is a new manufacturing philosophy.
        Flexible manufacturing originated in Japan, introduced by the Japanese companies in China. Ricoh (Shenzhen) Company to achieve a variety of modes of production coexist in the same production plant conditions, the overall production capacity to the original design capacity of 3.5 times.

        FX high-tech companies found that 70% of a line is redundant, by removing the excess part of the production process and re-combination, just four months to allow the doubling of space utilization more; and remove the device status can be copied twice as high than the production capacity to prepare for the expanded reproduction of nearly 10 million U.S. dollars of investment is not necessary.

        flexible manufacturing productivity of the next century is to start a revolution.

        lean production highlights the flexible manufacturing

        Lean Manufacturing (Lean Production) method originated in Japan, Toyota Motor Corporation of Japan in the sixth century, 70 years summed up the success of a production model, also known as JIT (Just In Time): In time of need, according to the quantity needed to produce required products. Lean Production and the former corresponds to mass production methods, the basic characteristic is zero, low-cost and rapid response. If we say that the last century the pursuit of zero inventory lean more, then, today began a manufacturing process change to pursue a thorough, flexible manufacturing has become the core content of lean production.

        in the 21st century, the business environment has undergone fundamental changes. As the globalization of market competition, customer and market demand, diversification, personalization, and production of relative surplus, making the short product life trend, price competition intensified. In the brutal competition for survival and development, companies must study the number of low-cost and rapid response to manufacturing methods, flexible manufacturing is the general term for these methods. Therefore, if it is a production of flexible manufacturing, flexible manufacturing is not as good as said that a new manufacturing philosophy.

        mass production led to efficiency loss

        Let us look at the way the traditional mass production problems. A major office equipment manufacturer R company, in the last century 90's 6 million U.S. dollars investment in the introduction of a 200-meter-long Product line, paragraph A monthly production printer 20 000 units, nearly 200 workers, online profile, high-volume production displayed tremendous power. After, A paragraph machine sales decrease year by year, R company in order to ensure market share, has been put into operation the size of the different B, C, D, E and other merchandise.

        A brief analysis, we will be able to recognize the efficiency of such a loss of some typical questions:

        station the time difference or speed difference loss: 200 Product line, to 100% of a balanced decomposition of assembly time is absolutely impossible. Product line speed is one bottleneck station (the longest station) or the operators (the slowest or proficiency worst people) decision, the efficiency loss is obvious. < P>

        station changed Loss: When a change in production when the traditional approach is to re-position settings, adjust the line number and the station operating hours, re-training of staff to adapt new requirements. After the change process and change the process of adaptation to the new standards are accompanied by a large number of efficiency losses. Frequent lane changing loss: A, B, C, D, E and other transformation between each product are needed for line preparation, and in exchange only in accordance with the assembly line process in the slow models of production, efficiency The loss can be imagined.

        field loss: output fell by half or even less, Product line the same share of occupied space.

        another large metal processing company M company, dozens of press lined up in the workshop was very spectacular. Each machine is behind a large number of intermediate goods, the most common is the two big car, a process filled with pre-processed intermediate goods, another one filled with their own products after processing or intermediate goods. The loss of this production is clear: a large number of intermediate product inventory, tying up funds and space; intermediate products in the machine room of unnecessary handling and moving heavy use of tools; a process of quality problems may result in a large number of intermediate products, scrap.

        a variety of methods for flexible manufacturing

        flexible manufacturing traditional production just to solve these problems exist, the following typical flexible manufacturing method can help us to understand the meaning and implementation of flexible manufacturing flexible manufacturing of new ideas.

        cell production: the more traditional mass production methods, the cell production has two features, one is small (Product line with short, small operators), the other is small, after standardization producing cells can simply copy. These two features of cell production can be achieved: (1) a simple response to changes in output, by copying one or more of the cells on the cell production capacity to meet the production needs of integer; (2) reduce the space occupied, the cell is simple replication (cell Product line can be built in a day to complete), so no, they can simply Chaichu, to save space; (3) the operation of each of the small number of cells, reducing the balance between work places the difficulty of operating time , station operating time difference between the small, high efficiency; (4) by a reasonable combination of staff, that is, ability to form cells equivalent employees, employees can give full play to the highest level of operational capability. If a cell in every capacity to reward employees accordingly, also help to promote healthy competition between cells.

        one mode of production: We have seen such a case, the assembly of a product total time less than 10 minutes, but it still was placed in a pipeline Zhang tens of meters, while assembly work from line of dozens of people to complete, each person operating time of 10,20 seconds, however. Some work for such a relatively short time, the product, if we can break the routine (assembly line), change Wancheng employees individually by each a whole Chanpin assembly responsibility, we will unexpected results.

        A stream mode of production: the above mentioned M's mode of production is such a flow to achieve: the abolition of the machine between the car and, through a reasonable process arrangements and machinery products between the skateboard set to a single flowing between the machine. Its advantage is that (1) greatly reducing the intermediate product inventory, reduce capital and site occupation; (2) to eliminate unnecessary handling between machines, reducing dependence on transportation tools; (3) occurs when the product quality problems, timely information can be fed back to the front to avoid a large number of intermediate goods scrapped. A stream mode of production is not only suitable for machining, also applies to the product assembly process.

        use of flexible equipment: a flexible tube called the product (there is also plastic with metal) began to be favored. In the past, many companies are outsourcing the standard line used for production, is now gradually being assembled their own to replace a Simple Flexible Product line. In comparison, flexible Product line first investment in equipment can be reduced 70-90%, and second, does not require professional installation, the general staff to quickly complete the installation in a weekend, the third, do not need to remove at any time when, to improve space efficiency.

        car production: We often see a product in the manufacturing process, the transfer from one line to another line, move set tools that car. Focus on the process of moving and shifting set loss, someone has invented a car Product line, the car in Taiwan to complete all the assembly tasks. This not only eliminates the need for Product line, and the handling and transfer contained highly efficient.

        fixed line and change-line: According to the changes in production of a product, set the two Product line, one is to meet the minimum volume of fixed Product line, the other is used to meet part of change Change Product line. Typically, the traditional production equipment is used as a fixed line, flexible cell production equipment or methods to be used as a change in Product line. In order to completely reduce costs, changes in line in Japan, services are often hired by companies to send a zero work (Part-Time) to respond, no refund can be at any time.

        flexible manufacturing general trend is: Product line getting shorter, more simple, less and less investment in equipment; among fewer and fewer stocks, increasing space utilization; production become shorter and shorter, faster and faster delivery; fewer and fewer types of losses, increasing efficiency. Can be seen, to achieve flexible manufacturing can significantly reduce production costs, strengthen the competitiveness of enterprises.

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