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          The largest gas burners to achieve the most advanced production orders

          YORK (DONG Shao-hua Zhu Tong's) has, in the industrial area Toutunhe Urumqi, Xinjiang produced a new four-company group of the largest and most advanced gas burners, and broke a long time monopoly of foreign corporations in the industry realize a large tonnage of orders for gas burner design, production.

          11 26, reporters follow the "autonomous science and technology of new business line interview team" went to four groups of test base, saw a 40 tons of evaporation, the use of the new boiler burner quietly lying in the factory, next to a packaged good burner boiler equipment, is preparing to send to the mainland.

          "great tonnage of gas burners in the development, we have filled the domestic low emission, high combustion efficiency of the blank. long time, the evaporation of 10 tons of gas burners are imported. Now, our technology can produce 4 tons -120 tons of evaporation gas burner. "Quartet technical experts told reporters.

          It is understood that the Quartet developed this burner is oil, gas dual-use, in gas tight, can also use heavy oil as fuel for combustion. Currently, in the design manufacture and market development has been approved through the relevant technical departments of various performance has reached the international advanced level.

          Since 2005, the Quartet group of large tonnage, high efficiency gas burners for scientific research project, and invested heavily in research and development and scientific research personnel. Through the adoption of digital simulation technology, not only shorten the development time, while reducing development costs. From the market since last year, the Quartet has sold 10 large tonnage gas burner. Capital Airport in Beijing, the national bid for the heating boiler, the Quartet, which incorporates the new one successful boiler burner. It is understood that in the boiler combustion devices, the company has applied for 8 patents, of which three invention patents, five utility model patents.

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