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        Planning and design of lean production methods:

            Lean the ultimate goal of planning is "to achieve high profitability and comfortable facility." To achieve this it is necessary to improve the logistics of water into the most appropriate production line, so to achieve the most appropriate state. Lean improvements to the logistics of the project targets the improvement of the direct object.
            Lean production planning to advance the design of the basic elements necessary for production of QCD (quality, cost, delivery) were significantly improved. Particularly as the manufacturing industry is facing now such a big age variable, to adapt to drastic changes in market demand, flexible and flexible production systems are particularly important, also for the selection of lean production order to adapt to the needs of the improvement. Implemented lean production (eg right) Indeed implemented by the direct purpose to achieve the ultimate goal, most of the factory color of the belt line or group of vertical lines ordered. In today's era of great change, the use of this mode of production value is there? So to promote lean production, assembly line-style reforms indispensable.

        Belt or group comparison of vertical line and weaknesses (see below table): 

         Merit:  Shortcoming:
         1.Can carry the weight of objects  1.7 invalid place (waste) [production too much, too much holding, handling the invalid, processing itself invalid, semi-finished inventory too much, ineffective action, bad, too many other repair manual
         2.A belt line of the mandatory effect
         3.Decomposition skilled trade jobs  2.Easy operation due to decomposition produces "different lines" of waste
         4.Based on line speed can increase the production  3.Long production cycle and increase the inventory of stocks
         5.On-site supervision of the work can be done carefully  4.Not easy to technology, communication skills
         6.In the stop line when play a catalytic role  5.Little sense of accomplishment and meaning
         7.In the few varieties manufactured in large quantities at very high efficiency  6.Massive investment

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